Where Demons Awake

Oh, what a dark fate is destined for me
What a horrible pain claims my mind
My life has turned into chaos
And so it makes me

Seeking where demons awake
Full of sorrow
Longing to where demons awake
Where's tomorrow?

In my mind I'm wandering around
Reality's fading away
Getting lost in a black abyss where
Something evil is dragging me down

Like a nightmare never ending
I am now descending to hell
Arriving where demons awake

The demons they welcome me now
In the deepest depths of my soul
The path behind disappears
But I'm still wandering

Hiding where demons awake
Without sorrow
Dying where demons awake
No tomorrow

All the pain is finally gone
As I reach the point of no return
As the demons assume control
I'm no longer afraid to die

The quest for salvation is over
I am lost in the dark
No one hears the screams of my dying soul
I am trapped within myself

They drag me down
They drag me down
I have drowned
I have drowned
Where demons awake

18. März 2017