Left For The Vultures

When the ice withdraws across the sea
We prepare to follow our king
On our quest for glory and gold
Our ships will head for distant shores

Don't look back, shed no tear
Time to depart is near

The swords are sharp and the shields are strong
With full sails we set forth the unknown

Thousands of miles far away from home
We enter countries never seen before
So rich and mysterious, foreign and dangerous
Born for battle, we are standing tall
Enemy armies, we defeat them all

Weakened by months of battle, thirst and heat
We are trapped and ambushed, there’s no escape

No way back, show no fear
The final battle is near

As clouds of arrows darken the sky
And fell us down one by one
My spine is hit, I tumble paralyzed
Unable to move, I only can see

All my brothers scattered dead throughout the battlefield And their blood soak the ground Soon death will cover my remains by the sands of time I'm left for the vultures, I'm left to die

18. März 2017