Spirit To The Flesh

In the darkness I feel secure
The blackest night is my only friend

Protecting me whilst like a villain
Forbidden places I attend
Hiding in the shadows during my search
For the final part to finish my work
For what could be a gift for mankind
In their eyes is a godless crime
There’s nobody whom I can trust
I know I’m alone, but I must go on

At the most desperate moment
I now succeed
Nearly all my hope was lost
But now I can go on

On the most cursed graveyard
On gallows hill
Choosing the freshest grave
Digging deep in unholy ground
I take the head away
Take it to my lab
A creature built from rotten flesh
Exhumed but still dead

As I’m awaiting the coming storm
The end draws near, just one step to go

I will pass the borders of science and belief
One perfect lightning I need
Ten million volts to induce life

Although their ignorance is the true heresy
I know they will condemn me for my blasphemy
And so I fall on my knees and pray
"Oh mighty, heavenly forces – please –
Give spirit to the flesh"

18. März 2017