Fatal Dreaming

Can't realize
What happened last night?
Was it a dream or was it real
I can't remember, but I feel

Something's going wrong with me
But I don't know how
My mind's out of control all night
Can't stop this evil ride

Hear a voice in my head
"Follow my path"
Spoken words of a child
"Be my slave of death"

Last night I killed a few man
Lead by my evil mind
Can't control my own dreaming
Searching for an end I can't find
How can I beat my madness?

How can I beat myself?
Can't control my own dreaming
Madness leads me to my grave
... I'm a victim of myself...

As darkness starts to fill my mind
I feel the sweat on my brow
I open my eyes and see the blood
Oh godfather help me now

I hear voices in my head
The evil side in my own
Forever with this endless pain
To dream the dream again and again
... again...
... again...
... and again...

18. März 2017