Enemy Divine

A crack in the blood red sky
Unleashes the black-winged hordes
Who will flood the earth to bring death?
With their flaming swords

An apocalyptic storm starts
The long-awaited attack
Now we all will see
The heavenly warlord will arrive

The enemy divine

The predicted war has come
Breeding pestilence and grief
We face eternal pain
Just for believing in ourselves

All courage seemed to be lost
When suddenly a new hope was confessed

Now the tide has turned
Fortune is on our side
We are led by the fallen one
The last defenders of mankind and of faith
Of mankind and of faith

We are the last defenders
Of mankind and of faith
The predicted war has come
But fortune is on our side

So let the tempest come

Heeding the call
Enemy divine
Heading to your fall
Enemy divine

18. März 2017