Banners Of Destruction

The world around us isn't as it used to be
Since normality was wiped away
Their mean attack came upon us, they have hit us hard
No time to despair, now it's time for war

Within the ruins and desolation
A much stronger nation grows
Under the banners of destruction
Straight from the ashes we will rise

Resurrected and unleashed our armies are
Ready for the fight, ready for the kill
Who’s the hunter now, who’s the prey?
We will bury them in oblivion

The prophecy came true, it’s man against mankind
Shelter, redemption, they will never find
Only death is for shure

Emerged from the flames
Cold-blooded retaliation
With vengeance in our minds
With hatred in our eyes
Under the banners of destruction
We march into the war
Our legions they will fight
Until the last enemy has died

18. März 2017